Sports Competitions and Out of School Activities, Including School Games Competitions

Tees Valley Cross Country Final (29.3.2017)
Casey Dale from Year 4 went to Stewart Park in Middlesbrough to take part in the final, representing the Year 3/4 boys. He was feeling quite nervous as it was the first time he had ever got through to the final so he wasn’t too sure what to expect. However, he had the support of his dad, mum and mum’s partner which meant that he was eager to get the race started. One part of the race was downhill and Casey said that a lot of the boys were just walking, so he took this opportunity to overtake them and managed to get a good lead from this point onwards. Again, Casey is a strong sprint finisher and this made off as he was able to jump to 12th place when crossing the finishing line. A huge well done to him for taking part and representing our school in a fantastic way!!


Year 5/6 Hockey (22.3.2017)
We arrived to this tournament under a lot of pressure as the children successfully qualified for the final during the past two years of going. Let me start by saying that the children did not disappoint as we are once again going through to the final after coming first in our cluster. The children ended with 15 points after winning two of their games and drawing one.

During the first game, there was some excellent team work and sportsmanship shown by all those who were playing. Billy and Cody scored the first two goals, with Dawson finishing the game on 4-0. There was some super defence by Joseph and Melissa, and Cameron was raring to go as keeper, but unfortunately wasn’t able to show his skill until the next game.

This ended up as a tough game against Junction Farm as both teams were extremely strong in all areas of the pitch. A nil-nil draw was the correct result for this game.

The third and final game was again a good win for the team after Sophie scored two superb goals. Cameron was unfortunately made redundant for this game, but because the children all finished their games with time to the spare, Mrs Belshaw arranged a friendly where Preston were really pushed to their limits playing against a strong Hartburn team (one of their players’ dads played for England!). We lost 2-1 but as it was only a friendly, the result didn’t count towards anything.

When the medals were given out, Billy received POM for his sportsmanship and skill on the pitch. A massive well done to him and to the rest of the team as you didn’t collapse under pressure but instead did us extremely proud!


High 5 Netball Tournament (21.3.2017)
This was a Year 5 and 6 tournament, but as I run a netball club, I wanted to take the children from that, so there ended up being George Merifield from Year 3, Oliver Beddard and Ben Royal from Year 4, Billy Merifield and Monika Graham from Year 5 and Eve Mackie and Grace Dabener from Year 6. It was the first time some of the children had played netball and it was the first time they had all played together.

It was a tough competition as some of the other schools had brought just Years 5 and 6 which meant we versed some children double our size! However, this did not seem apparent in the children’s spirit and they played really well.

We had some fantastic goals from Ben and Eve and some super defence from Oliver. Billy was extremely confident at carrying the ball up the court and showed skill in his passing and footwork.

Overall, after winning, losing and drawing two of our matches, we came 2nd out of our cluster. I think this is a fantastic result since the children were playing boys and girls who were older and much taller. Well done to all those that took part, you should be extremely proud!


Stockton Swimming Finals (16.03.2017)
The swimming finals is always a hard night for the people involved as it involves a lot of sitting around in an extremely warm swimming pool. However, the boys coped really well and their behaviour was impeccable.

Harry Lewis started off the competition in the Year 6 boys backstroke and came 4th of six other boys. Daniel Child then competed against the other Year 5 boys in breaststroke and he came 6th.

In the first relay, the boys were swimming backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and freestyle. The order was Harry, Kaleb, Cameron and Joseph. Unfortunately, the boys placed second but were disqualified. They were disappointed but they didn’t let it affect them in the second relay.

The boys competed in the same order, but this time, it was the freestyle race. Deservedly, the boys came first and received a bronze medal. A massive well done to all the boys, as well as the parents who suffered in the three hours of extreme heat!


3 v 3 Football Tournament (17.03.2017, Level 1 competition ran by the Sports Crew)
The competition ended up lasting three days because all the games were very close. All teams played really well, and some of the games ended up with a penalty shoot out to work out who were the competition winners. It the end, it was William, Kaden and Oliver who won their game seven to 6. A really well played boys!


Year 3/4 Football League (07.03.2017)
With it being the last tournament, the team stayed the exact same and went hoping that they had a chance at winning. Oliver Beddard won POM again for some excellent saves in the goal. The boys showed some excellent team work and again there was some fantastic goals from Casey, Joel, Laurence and Archie.

Even though the boys didn’t do as well as last time, they still managed to win two games and draw three, meaning that after 30 games, the boys were yet to lose a game.

Overall, with an impressive 101 points, the boys won the football tournament and with a super 21 point lead. It has been a pleasure taking the boys and I cannot wait to see them play together again when they are in Year 5 and 6! Well done!


Tony Blair Sports Foundation Tennis Challenge Cup (10.02.2017)
A group of Year 3 children went with Mr Walton to take park in a tennis tournament. With him, he took Sophia, Soha, Seren, Ruby, Harry, Luke, William and George. With not very much practise, the children did really well and came second out of the whole competition! A super well done to all the girls and boys who took part.


Year 3/4 Football League (7.02.2017)
This was the best I had ever seen the children play! Their attitude was outstanding and they showed brilliant sportsmanship and continued with the Preston ethos, even though they weren’t in the school surroundings. They achieved Wall of Fame because of their hard work.

This was the first tournament where the boys won all of their five matches and deservedly, Oliver Beddard won POM because we didn’t concede a goal and saved some brilliant shots. The goals were scored by a mixture of the boys, including Casey, Joel, Archie and Laurence. There was some super defence from Luke Reed, Sammy and Jake, with Harry Cattermole showing he was a great footballer by apologising for tripping others up and being honest when he did a hand ball. Three of our matches were won 3-0!

Fingers crossed, with only one tournament left, we will win overall as we haven’t lost a match yet!


Lee Stephenson Cup (3.2.17)
This was the first time that some of the boys had been to the Lee Stephenson cup, but this didn’t show in their performance. The team started off really well with a 5-0 win against St. Patricks Fairfield ‘B’ team. We had some fantastic goals from Casey Dale, Archie Bell and Laurence Cracknell, all from Year 4.

With the team on a high, there was disappointment in the next game as it was the first time the team had ever lost a match. This was against Myton, but this team got through to the final so the team felt content with their loss.

The third game saw a draw of 2-2, but this was a massive achievement for the team as we were losing 2-0 within a couple minutes of the game. Again there was an impressive goal from Laurence, after a super corner from Casey. The second goal was scored by Joel lack after Casey had received a penalty.

The fourth and final game ended with a 0-0 draw which was a good result for the team as both sides were very evenly matched.

A massive well-done to all the boys that played, excellent team work shown again!


Cross Country Final (1.2.17)
Preston Park was extremely muddy, but this didn’t stop our runners! Every single one of them tried their hardest and ploughed through, even though they finished their races covered in mud, wet and cold. Firstly, I need to say a massive well done to Casey Dale (Year 3/4 boys) who placed 9th and has got through to represent Stockton in the Tees Valley Primary Level 3 School Games Cross Country Final.

The rest of the children competed impressively well and fought some stiff competition. There was around 70-80 children in every race so they should be really proud of themselves as I know I am!


Oliver- 71st (Year 3/4 boys)

Aleena- 16th (Year 5 girls)

Gracie- 57th (Year 5 girls)

Oliver- 28th (Year 5 boys)

Grace- 24th (Year 6 girls)

Cameron- 17th (Year 6 boys)


Swimming Gala (30.01.2017)
When we arrived, the girls in particular were very nervous, however this soon eased when the first race was over and the children knew exactly what was expected of them. Gracie Worton competed first in backstroke and placed 2nd within heat 1, this was followed closely by Dawson in 2nd place, Maddie in 3rd and Harry in 3rd. The breaststroke, Mille placed 4th, Daniel placed 2nd, Izzy placed 3rd and Kaleb also placed 3rd. In freestyle, Sophie Howmans placed 4th, Oliver placed 2nd and both Grace and Cameron placed 3rd.

They really showed the Preston spirit throughout the afternoon and were a credit to the school. I was especially impressed with Gracie, Millie and Sophie who took it in turns to swim an extra length, to replace someone who decided not to take part.

In the relay, the Year 5 girls placed 3rd and 4th, the Year 6 girls placed 4th in both races, the Year 5 boys placed 2nd and 3rd and the Year 6 boys placed 3rd and second. I saw some impressive swimmers, who were quick and showed excellent technique! A massive well done to all who took part.


Year 3/4 Football League (10.01.2017)
The first tournament of the year began with an impressive result of 3 wins and 2 draws. The boys played really well and were eager to begin (and carry on!) their unbeaten record.

Occasionally, we showed a poor attitude towards defence, as the boys were really eager to play upfront and score goals in front of their families. However, after a little discussion, the boys changed their ways and our winning matches were won with no goals scored against them. This meant that poor Oliver Beddard (Year 4) did spend a lot of time jumping up and down to try and stay warm! He showed great sportsmanship and battled through as our goalie for all 5 matches.

There were some superb goals scored by Laurence Cracknell, Casey Dale, Jay Cottler and Joel Lack.

Harry Cattermole, from Year 3, was awarded player of the tournament for his superb effort in all areas of the pitch and for his impeccable attitude towards team games and structure.


Cross Country (7.12.16)
As the weather was much better than last year, the children were really looking forward to their races. It was a bit of a shock to the Year 5 children, as this time they were running a longer distance, now that they are a part of upper key stage two.
The first race was the Year 3/4 girls. They ran really well, especially Soha Khan and Seren Whitfield, as this was their first time competing. Unfortunately, we did not get any through in this race, even though we placed within the top 20.
The next race was the Year 3/4 boys. They started off really strong and it looked promising. Again this was some of the boys first ever raced, so they should be really proud of what they achieved. Casey Dale from Year 4 was adamant that he did not want to come in second place and so sprinted to the finish line to win first place and a medal. Following shortly after was Oliver Beddard in third and the rest of the boys following in the top 20.
The Year 5 races also went well. A special announcement needs to be said about Gracie Worton, who stuck with her friend for the majority of the race as she was struggling, yet sprinted towards the end, finishing in 8th place and through to the final A true show of sportsmanship.
The final races, again ended well. With one boy and one girl through. All the children ran well and should be really proud of themselves.
Through to the final on 1st February: Casey Dale, Oliver Beddard, Aleena, Sophie Howmans, Gracie Worton, Oliver Simpson, Grace Dabner and Cameron Simpson


Year 5/6 Football Golf (Level 1, Ran by the Sports Crew)
The Sports Crew decided to run a football gold tournament with the Year 5 and 6 classes. The lunch time was ran successfully, with the Sports Crew collecting the pair when it was their turn. They had to kick a ball and aim for certain target areas which were worth different points. The Year 5 pairs ended up in a game of elimination as two successful pairs had scored the same amount. After playing each other, twice, Louis Smith and Dawson Clarke were the successful winners.
On the following Monday, it was the Year 6’s turn. Again, the Sports Crew were extremely organised in running the competition and selecting the pairs for their turn. This time, it was a girls only final as the winning pair were Maddie Scarlett and Rubie Storr.


Girls Year 5/6 Football League (9.11.16)
The girls were a little apprehensive to start as some of them had never played football before. However, during their first match, they gave it a really good go and were against an extremely strong team from Junction Farm. Even though they lost their match, Cody-Anne Metcalfe-Hill and Jessica Dobson (from Year 6) showed excellent skill, up front in the striker positions.
The girls went on to lose their next two matches, however there was some fantastic ball skills shown, this time from Eve Mackie and goalie, Gracie Worton.
The final two matches saw the girls draw. Again, this was a really big achievement since the girls really struggled to start with. Sophie Thompson and Sophie Howmans showed some super skills in defensive, managing to stop the ball before it got to the goalie.
I would like to say a huge well done to all the girls that played, and also praise them for their resilience which they showed throughout the tournament, Erin Cattermole, Sophie Howmans, Millie Beddard, Gracie Worton, Jessica Beautiman, Jessica Dobson, Sophie Thompson, Eve Mackie, Cody-Anne Metcalfe-Hill and Maddie Scarlett.


Year 3/4 Football League (8.11.16)
I need to start by saying how fantastic the boy’s football team is! Again we had an excellent round robin as the boys successfully won four of their matches and drew one. The boys have been undefeated so far in the league.
Laurence Cracknell was awarded two free kicks during the tournament because of foul play and successfully scored from both of them, yet he wasn’t finished there as he also scored a super goal from outside the box which dipped just at the right time before soaring in to the goal. There was also some brilliant goals from Casey Dale and Joel Lack.
We also welcomed Sammy Benjamin from Year 4 in to the team who showed some fantastic defensive skills and was also awarded Player of the Tournament because of his efforts.
Therefore (again!) I was like a say a huge well done to Harry Cattermole, Jay Cottler, Jake Osbeldiston, Sammy Benjamin, Archie Dale, Joel Lack, Oliver Beddard, Casey Dale and Laurence Cracknell.


Year 3/4 Basketball Competition (Level 1, run by the Sports Crew)
The children really enjoyed taking part in the basketball competition. The Sports Crew did a brilliant job in watching the pairs compete and were able to ensure all children scored some points. They had three places which the children could shoot from, the first being worth 10, the second being worth 30 and the third being worth 50. They also decided to award points for the children who hit the back board or the rim and awarded them 5 points.
Overall, the pairs worked really hard and demonstrated excellent sportsman ship! The winning pair with a massive score of 90 were Laurence Cracknell and Oliver Beddard from Year 4! Well done!


Year 5/6 Football League (18.10.16)
The competition started off with a bang as the boys were able to win their first two games against Durham Lane and Junction Farm 2. There was one amazing goal from William Blyth and by the look on his face, I think he was shocked himself that it went in. Cameron Simpson also did an amazing job in goal, successfully conceding no goals within the first three matches.

The third match was against St Mary’s and even though the children tried their hardest, the game ended with a 0-0 draw.

The fourth match really pushed the children as they were playing against Junction Farm 1 who were a very strong team, and had some brilliant strikers. Again, the boys tried super hard and kept their heads high even though they lost 2-0.

The fifth and final match, against Egglescliffe, allowed the children to leave the competition with a bang after they soared to a superb 4-1 victory with some impressive goals from Cameron, who scored a hat trick, and Kaleb Norwood. There were some brilliant saves from William, who won Player of the Tournament from Preston.

Overall the children came second out of sixth teams which is a massive improvement from when they were in the 3/4 football league last year. So I would like to end with a massive well done and thank you to the Year Five’s: Dawson Clarke, Oliver Simpson, Louis Smith, Louis Cottler, Kaden Garthwaite, Ethan McArdle and William Blyth and to the Year Six’s: Cameron Simpson and Kaleb Norwood.


Year 3/4 Football League (06.10.16)
We started the Year 3/4 football league with a bang! We successfully won three of our six five matches and won two. There was some brilliant goals from the Year 4 classmates Laurence Cracknell and Archie Bell! I was also really impressed with the couple of assisted goals from the Year 3 boys, Harry Cattermole, Jake Osbeldiston and Jay Cottler.

When we arrived, the leader of the tournament asked for a show of hands from the children who had not taken part in the tournament before (Year 3 children). It was really nice to see that a least half of the children there were from Year 3. I was also really happy to see that our Year 3 children were not afraid to get stuck in and we had some brilliant defensive play from Luke Reed and Kai Mathema. Oliver Beddard from Year 4 was also fantastic in goal, only conceding one goal in all the matches. Finally, a big well done to Casey Dale who received the Player of Match award for his contribution and skills which he brought to the league.

I am really looking forward to our next match on the 8th November. A massive well done to the Year 3 boys: Jay, Kai, Luke, Harry and Jake and also the Year 4 boys: Oliver, Archie, Laurence, Casey and Joel Lack.


Year 5/6 Tag Rugby (05.10.16)
A mixture of Year 5 and 6 girls and boys arrived at Egglescliffe Secondary to take part in a Tag Rugby festival. We were group with Durham Lane and Junction Farm. In the first round, the children did really well, winning their first match but sadly losing their second. This was a big achievement for the children as the likes of William Blyth and Sophie Howmans had never played Tag Rugby before.

There was some brilliant tries from Oliver Simpson, Cameron Simpson and, doing it for the girls, Jessica Dobson.

The team of nine, then went through to the second round where they played against a team which had also come second in their group. The children again played really well and successfully drew their game. By point’s difference, it was obvious that Preston had been successful in coming third out of a group of six! Therefore I would like to say a massive well done to: Oliver Simpson, Sophie Howmans, William Blyth, Miles Lack, Samuel Robinson, Joseph Collie, Cameron Simpson, Jessica Dobson and Cody-Anne Metcalfe-Hill.


Primary Leaders Training Academy (26.09.16)
12 Year 5 children were taken to a training day where they were learning about how to be primary leaders at Preston. The children learnt a mixture of different things, including, what makes a good leader, ways to get children active in school, how to arrange level 1 (within school) competitions and strategies for team building. The children had a really good day and came back to school with a number of things to do.

After their first meeting as primary leaders, it was agreed that the children would be separated into three groups: Jake Johns, Dawson Clarke, Lacie Garthwaite and Millie Beddard, Ryan Ogden, Willian Blyth, Louis Smith and Sophie Howmans and Kaden Garthwaite, Oliver Simpson, Phoebe Atkinson and Gracie Worton. Each group will take it in turns to be a playground leader, sports crew and change4life club (get active).

Playground Leader- Children will take it in turns to come up with games and activities for groups of children in the playground.

Sports Crew- Children will arrange level one games within school time for the different year groups.

Change4Life (Get Active) – Children will come up with different ways to get children, who don’t particularly like sport, involved in school games.

After Monday 10th October, the children will have come up with their first plans as Primary Leaders.


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We are so proud of the progress our son has made in Year 1.
I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff who have helped my daughter this year.
Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his time as a Year 4 student.
It’s nice to have an informative school report that concentrates on the positives of my child’s learning.
Keep up the good work, without confidence it’s hard for a child to grow.
You were both very understanding and I really do appreciate this. Thank you so much.
You all do fantastic jobs and I appreciate this.
Not only has he progressed academically, he has also gained more confidence and I would like to thank Mr Clift for playing an instrumental part in this.
Many thanks to all the staff at Preston, it is you who make us parents feel our children are happy and safe.
She has really enjoyed Year 3. We are really pleased with the progress she has made in many subjects – especially in maths.
I just wanted to say “well done” for this year’s year 6 sats results! They were amazing and I know that it would have taken sheer hard work from the children and teachers to enable your pupils to achieve with the unrealistic expectations set the Gove & Morgan camp.
Thank you for the report it was a pleasure to read and we greatly appreciate all that you done for her this year.
“Communication from the Early Years team is great”
“I would like to express my gratitude for your support regarding last week’s royal visit. Your children behaved impeccably” – Stockton Learning Officer
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“Really happy with Preston Primary, have recommended many friends as it is a warm, family friendly school”
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“You are a very welcoming and accommodating school and there were lots of comments and praise about your fantastic environment” – EY LA consultant
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