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Sports Competitions and Out of School Activities, Including School Games Competitions

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Year 4/5/6 Netball (24.10.2019)

The girls began their tournament this week and played their first 4 games. Their first game was against St. Marys, which they won 5-0. Martha was fantastic as GA and scored 4 of the goals herself. Jess then helped, by adding the final one.

Their next game was against Junction Farm B, which they again won, 2-0. The goals were again scored by Martha and Jess.

The third game was against Egglescliffe. Preston won 3-0 with all the goals being scored by Jess.

Their fourth (and final game for today) was against Durham Lane A and proved to be tough. The girls fought all the way through and luckily scored one goal at the end (by Jess) to win the game.

The team played amazingly well, with fantastic attitudes, team work and support for one another. Sophia was fantastic in defence, and there were some great passes by Amy and footwork from the whole team. Well done girls, I am looking forward to the final games!

Year 5 and 6 Football (23.10.2019)

Mrs Cracknell and Miss Cattermole took both the boys team to the Year 5 and 6 Football. Miss Cattermole said that Team A were fantastic! Not only did they play really well, but their attitude was amazing and they supported each other fantastically well. They played 5 games and won four and drew 1. That meant that they played the winner of the red pitch. Amazingly, we won that as well (1-0) which meant that we played in the final. Sadly, we lost 2-1 to Durham Lane but as we came second overall, we are through to the final in February. Well done Team A!

Mrs Cracknell said that Team B were also really well behaved. With help, they organised themselves well, and after a few reminders, they have the correct attitude. Roo was a stand-out player for his overall attitude and behaviour towards the games and competition. They also played 5 games, winning 2, drawing 1 and losing 2. This meant that they game 3rd overall for their efforts on the red pitch. Well done Team B!

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 Cross Country Tees Valley Final (16.10.2019)

William was really excited to take part in the Tees Valley Final and was ecstatic when he came back to school and said that he placed 10th out of all the Year 6 boys in Tees Valley. Well done William, you did fantastic!

Year 4, 5 and 6 Netball (3.10.2019)

I took Olivia, Amy, Isabelle, Jessica, Martha, Annabelle and Sophie to their first (out of 3) netball sessions. They started by learning the basic rules and skills to take part in a netball match. Then, the moved on to different warm up activities, including passing the ball to each other and learning how to defend. The children then took part in 2 ‘High 5’ warm-up games against Durham Lane and Junction Farm. We won one (with some fantastic goals from Olivia and Jessica!) and lost one. This set us up nicely for the next round, when the results will go towards the next round. Well done to all of the girls, I am looking forward to the next session!

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 Cross Country Final (2.10.2019)

Mrs Cracknell took the runners over to the park and was extremely pleased with their attitude and behaviour. She thought that our school was definitely one of the best, if not the best, behaved school there. William came 4th for the Egglescliffe cluster so has qualified for the Tees Valley Final! Well done William and well done to everyone else for getting to this point!!

Year 5 Sport Leader’s Training (24.9.2019)

6 Year 5 children were taken to a training day where they were learning about how to be primary leaders at Preston. The children learnt a mixture of different things, including, what makes a good leader, ways to get children active in school, how to arrange level 1 (within school) competitions and strategies for team building. The children had a really good day and came back to school with a number of things to do.

After their first meeting as primary leaders, it was agreed that the children would be separated into two groups: A Sports Crew and Playground Leaders.

Playground Leaders- Children will take it in turns to come up with games and activities for groups of children in the playground.

Sports Crew- Children will arrange level one games within school time for the different year groups.

The Playground leaders have already started their role and have begun creating games for the younger children on a Thursday lunchtime.

The Sports Crew are coming up with their first competition with the KS2 children.

Cross Country (18.9.2019)

This year, the Cross Country was again, brought forward due to the awful weather in previous years, which meant that the children enjoyed the experience more and were able to push themselves to the finish line.

Miss Cattermole and Mrs Wilson took 19 Key Stage 2 children with them and they all were fantastic. I would like to give a special mention to Harry, who sacrificed his position to run with a friend, who was experiencing the Cross Country competition for the very first time.

Well done to Isabelle, Amy, William, Jay, Ethan, Holly, Laurence, Casey and Oliver who all got through to the final at Preston Park! Good Luck!

Cross Country (13.9.2019)

Children from Years 5 and 6 were asked to take part in a mini Cross Country competition, on the school field, to decide which children would go through to the next round. Well done to the 19 children who were selected.

Trip to Middlesbrough Football Club

On Tuesday 1st May, twelve lucky Key Stage 2 pupils visited Middlesbrough Football Club (MFC). On the morning they visited the training ground at Rockliffe Halll. The first part of the morning involved a series of timed practical challenges which were aimed at promoting resilience and a ‘never give up’ attitude. After this, the children saw the Boro players train (indoors and outdoors). Even though it was a tense time for the players as they were about to play the last league match of the season (at Ipswich Town) the following Saturday, each one of them was prepared to stop to sign all the children’s shirts as well as a football. Billy Merrifield was lucky enough to be chosen to hand over a special club award to Stewart Downing.

After lunch, we travelled over to the Riverside Stadium. Here we were greeted by a tour guide. The gentleman who showed us round the stadium has had close associations with MFC for over 40 years and the children were fascinated to hear some of his real life ‘stories’ – he was certainly an inspirational speaker! We were shown the newly re-furbished players’ changing rooms as well as the commentators’ boxes and trophy cabinet.
Maybe, after such a great day, we may have converted a few more children into true Boro fans!
All the children were sad to have to leave the stadium but it was a memorable experience for all concerned.

Year 4 and 5 Cricket League (26/4, 3/5 and 10/5)

As the children had been learning about Cricket in their PE lessons, the team were really enthusiastic about playing in the league. There was only three school involved; ourselves, Junction Farm (2 teams) and Durham Lane. However, this didn’t affect the league at all and the children were still eager to play. Overall, we won every single one of our six matches and scored over 1,000 runs in total!

During the games, I saw excellent bowling skills from Ben, Ethan and Sammy who bowled out quite a few of the opposition. Also, I saw some fantastic fielding skills, especially for Oliver, who was running, catching the ball and advising his team mates as to where they should go. Oliver and Ben also showed superb skills in batting as well, they were very vocal to each other and would shout how many runs they wanted to get every time they hit the ball.

Luke’s confidence grew throughout the matches and again, he showed he had developed skills in all areas of the cricket match.

I would like to say a big well done to Josh, Oliver, Archie, Ben, Sammy, Luke, Carl, Lincoln and Ethan who successfully as team, have qualified to represent our cluster at the final.

Year 5/6 Stockton Hockey Finals (18.4.18)

The children were really excited to take part in the Stockton finals, as they knew they might have a chance of getting through to represent the County. We had 6 games in total and won 4 and drew 2.

The first game was against St Marks and was a difficult game. The team were a little apprehensive to get stuck in and Billy was a little concerned about his powerful shot as they were a lot stricter this time on the height of the ball. The children did well to keep it at a 0-0 draw.

We won the next three games against St Patricks, Roseberry and St Josephs with some fantastic goals from Billy, Oliver and Gracie. Also, there was excellent defence from Daniel who was watching each and every player and following the ball throughout the whole of the game. Poor Dawson didn’t have much to do in the few games but was still shouting and helping his team through advice and support.

The 5th game was against Levendale (who ended up with gold from out group stage) and we drew, again 0-0. This was an extremely game but again, the ball always seemed to be Preston’s but unfortunately they struggled to win that final shot.

The last game was another winning success against Myton Park. This was the first game where Dawson had to show his brilliant goalie skills, and only let 1 goal in throughout all the 6 games. Again, there was support defence from Daniel and the rest of the team.

In our group we received the silver medal and have successfully qualified to represent our cluster at the country finals. Well done to every single player, and a special thanks to Amelia who stepped up to play on the day of the competition.

Year 3/4 Football League (22.3.18)

This was the final round of the Year 3/4 football league for this year and the children didn’t disappoint. The boys came away with a win for four games and a loss for only one! This is a super improvement since the start of the tournament. Mr Walton said that all the boys were magnificent and they were unlucky against Durham Lane whose goalie pulled off a ‘worldie’ save!

We had a new goalie this game in the name of Luke, who I heard only let in two goals throughout all five matches, which was fantastic! Again, there were some fantastic goals from Ethan, William K and Jake, and brilliant defence from George. I would like to say a further well-done to George who won the player of the matches award for this round.

I have really enjoyed watching the boys mature and improve their skills over the course of the year and look forward to them playing together again in two years’ time!

Stockton Swimming Finals (15.3.18)

After being the only person through, Laurence came 5th in his freestyle race. Well done Laurence!!

Hockey League (14.3.18)

I would just like to start with a massive congratulations to the Hockey team, who have successfully qualified for the Stockton finals!

We played our fist game against Junction Farm 1. The team showed fantastic defence and there were two brilliant goals from Billy. His striking shot is phenomenal and I would not like to be on the other end of it! Having said that, there were some near misses for the opposition but Dawson did not let a single one in. He showed great skill and again, determination to win!

Our second game was against the Links and again, we were successful in winning that 1-0. Again, it was another fantastic goal from Billy.

The third game was against St. Mary’s and showed difficult to play. Unfortunately, we lost the game 1-0. There was uncertainty whether the goal should have been allowed, but in the end the referee had the final say. This did not discourage the team as they came back fighting in the final game and successfully won it 5-0 against Egglescliffe! Again, all the goals were scored by Billy.

I would like to end with a huge thank-you to Matilda, who stood up and played for the team at very short notice.

Cross Country Final (12.3.18)

Well, what can I say about the finals! The weather was awful and made the running conditions extremely difficult. However, I must say, I never heard a child complain once! They were extremely well behaved and ran like through sportsman!

The course was changed this year, because of the weather conditions and health and safety. This meant that the children were running a slightly smaller race than normal. Every child gave it their all and I was super proud of every single one of them.

On return to school each child were awarded a hot chocolate and marshmallows, for their effort! Well-done to everyone who took part.

Results- Jay 12th, Kaleb 15th, Amy 52nd, Amelia 45th, Laurence 45th, Casey 20th, Aleena 46th, Gracie 48th

Year 3/4 Football League (22.2.18)

Another fantastic round of competition this week for the Year 3 and 4 team, who successfully won 3 of their matches, but unfortunately lost 2.

The team won their first match 3-0 against Junction Farm 2. The goals were scored by Ethan and Harry. We has some fantastic defence from Jake and Lucas and excellent saves from Jake.

The second match was against Durham Lane and unfortunately we lost 1-0. However, the team were not disheartened as the goal was scored from an amazing corner than even a professional wouldn’t have been able to save.

The team won their next match, 1-0 against St. Mary’s. Again, it was a fantastic goal from Ethan.

In our fourth match, the team showed excellent resilience and did not give up, but unfortunately lost against Junction Farm 1. All the team fairly substituted to ensure that all the players got a fair turn and didn’t get to cold waiting on the side lines.

The final match was against Egglescliffe, which we won. The goal was scored by William in the last minute of the game. A penalty has been taken earlier by Lucas, but unfortunately when over the cross bar.

Well-done to all that played, I look forward to our next and final round in March.

Year 5/6 Netball League (21.2.18)

We arrived to Egglescliffe Secondary School with two teams, a Year 5 team and a Year 6 team. Some of the children were confident, whilst some were nervous as they had never played netball before.

The Year 6 team played really well and I saw excellent defence from Louis. He was always watching the game and working out where the ball might be played. Also, Aleena scored a superb goal- much to her own surprise. They won one match but unfortunately lost 2. Well-done to all the Year 6 team- Louis C, Alex, Kyle, Sophie, Lacie, Katherine, Aleena and Lily

The Year 5 team also played really well, but were a little more confident playing the matches as some of the team had played in the same tournament last year. They won 2 of their matches, but unfortunately lost 1 to a very strong Junction Farm team. There were some strong goals from Ben and Sophie. Well-done to all of the Year 5 team- Oliver, Ben, Evan, Matilda, Amelia, Sophie, Brooke and Ella.

Year 5/6 Stockton Girls Football Final (7.2.18)

The girls arrived at the tournament feeling unnerved as they didn’t feel like they were good enough to be there. However, they still went into every match feeling confident and giving everything a good go.

They lost their first match three nill but successfully won the second match with the same score. The goals were scored by Sophie and two by Gracie. They were so happy when they scored and cheered with great pride in their faces.

The final three matches were again a loss, but this didn’t knock the children’s pride as after every game, they were eager to play a friendly with some of the other teams at the tournament.

Unfortunately we didn’t get through to the next round but I still want to say a massive well-done to Amelia, Matilda, Gracie, Katherine, Sophie, Jess, Millie, Monika and Lacie. POM votes went to Gracie for her fantastic goals and excellent saving when she played keeper.

Cross Country (31.1.18)

I would like to start by saying a huge well-done to all the children who ran the cross country course as it was extremely muddy and a lot of children fell over!

The results are as follows:

Year 3/4 Girls- Amy7th, Isabelle 9th, Seren 17th, Soha 18th and Annabelle 20th.

Year 3/4 Boys- Jay 2nd, Kaleb 4th, Harry 15th, Ethan 31st, Lucas 32nd, Jake 33rd, Carl 34th and Kai 35th.

Year 5 Girls- Amelia 7th, Erin11th, Holly12th, Sophie 16th, Brooke 17th and Matilda didn’t finish to injury.

Year 5 Boys- Casey 1st, Laurence 4th, Oliver 13th, Sammy 27th, Josh 30th, Ben 35th and Ben 52nd.

Year 6 Girls- Gracie 4th, Aleen 5th and Monika 14th.

Year 6 Boys- Louis 13th, Dawson 15th, Daniel Child 16th, Billy 19th, Kaden 20th and Oliver 42nd.

Year 5/6 MFC EFL Cup (25.1.18)

The boys were really enjoyed attending the football tournament at MFC foundation. Overall, we won two and lost two games which is really good considering we were against some really strong teams.

The first game was against Viewley Hill, and even though we scored 1 goal, we lost 2 – 1. The sports showed great sportsmanship when thanking the players after the game.

The second game was against was The Village Primary and we won 6 – 0, with our goals being scored from Louis (2), Oliver, Laurence (2) and Casey. The boys played really well and should be proud of themselves.

The next game was against Archibald, and even though this team seemed really strong when watching them play others, we managed to win the game 2 – 0. Again, there were some amazing goals and team work shown as the boys played really well and showed brilliant defence.

The final game was against Ingleby Mill. Unfortunately the boys lost this game 2 – 0, but this wasn’t a surprise as Ingleby Mill had won all their prior games (we would have had to score 12 goals to win the tournament!)

Player of the Tournament went to the fantastic William, who scored an assist goal from the position of goalie!!

Well-done to Oliver (C), Kaden, Louis, Billy, Louis, Oliver, Laurence and Casey.

Swimming Gala (11.01.18)

The children were very nervous arriving at Thornaby Swimming Pool as some of them had never swum or entered a competition before. The first race to take place was the backstroke. We had entries from Aimee M, Evan (2nd), Gracie (2nd) and Billy (1st). Billy lacked confidence but this wasn’t shown in the pool.

The next race was the breaststroke. Again, this was a tough competition but the boys and girls did extremely well. Sophie placed 1st, Sammy placed 2nd, Monika placed 4th and Daniel placed 1st. We had a few nerves from Sophie, but in the pool she was calm and collected.

The final individual race was front crawl. Preston’s entries were Ella (3rd), Sophie (2nd) and Oliver (1st).

In the relays, again the girls showed nerves and we had a few tears, but they soon wiped them away and tried their hardest to compete. The Year 5 girls came 3rd and 4th, the boys came 2nd but were unfortunately disqualified in their final race, the Year 6 girls came 4th in both and the Year 6 boys came 1st in both of theirs. A huge well done to everyone who took part, you did Preston proud!

The final race was the open butterfly and we had one entry from Elliot. He showed great skill and stamina and came third. Well done!

Termly Challenge (8.12.17)

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 decided to take part in the skipping termly challenge, where they had to group skip (minimum of 6 in a group) for as many as they could. Well-done to Daniel, Kaden, Alice, Staar, Lacie and Jess who achieved 10!

Year 3/4  Football League (7.12.17)

The team had another successful round in the football league, winning three, drawing one and losing one of their matches. Again, the first match was a tough one against the fantastic Junction Farm team. The team lost their match but I heard there was some brilliant play, especially from Ashton (who also won player of the tournament!). There were some superb goals in their winning matches, from Ethan, Harry and Jake. Well done team and keep it up for the rest of the league!

Year 5 & 6 Girls Football League (15.11.17)

I would like to start with a huge well done to all the girls who took part in football league. They weren’t very confident going into the competition as a lot of the team hadn’t played football before. Unfortunately, we lost our first match against Junction Farm, but this was to be expected, so the girls took it as a training game where they learnt how to play and what the rules of the game are. Luckily, the girls drew their next three matches, who were William Cassidy and Elm Tree.

The girls played really well and I saw some fantastic defence from Monika and Sophie. Also, Gracie played fantastically well in goal and made a massive effort to save as many goals as she could- even though she was extremely cold!

The girls successfully qualified for the next round so a massive well done to Amelia, Matilda, Millie, Jess (C), Lacie, Gracie, Katherine, Monika and Sophie.

Year 3/4 Football League (9.11.17)

We had some changes to the team this week, as George broke his finger on the day of the match and Harry was poorly had home with tonsillitis, so I would like to say a big thank you to Joseph who joined the team last minute. Again, the children had five matches, their first being against Junction Farm 2. Fortunately the team won with 2 goals which was a great achievement as it was their first ever match together.

Their luck continued as they drew their 2nd match against Durham Lane and won their last match with one goal against Junction Farm 1. However, the team experienced their first ever loses against Egglescliffe and St. Mary’s.

I would like to say a huge well done to all the boys for taking part and to Ethan for winning Player of the Tournament (again), and a massive thank-you to Mr Walton for taking them to Egglescliffe.

Year 5 & 6 Basketball Shooting Competition (9.11.17)

The Sports Crew organised another level one completion which took place on Thursday 9th November and included the Year Five and Six children. The Sports Crew ask each child to have three attempts at shooting the basketball. They had the option of standing in three different hopes (the furthest away being worth 5 points, the middle being worth 3 points and the closest being worth 1 point). Well done to all the children who took part, as well as the winner, Ben (Year 5) who scored the maximum 15 points!

Year 1 & 2 Skipping Competition (19.10.17)

The Sports Crew organised their first level one competition which took place on the Thursday 19th October and included the Year One and Two children. The Sports Crew practised with the children first before the competition started. They were asked to skip for as long as they could and the winner was the person who skipped for the longest. Well done to all the children who took part, as well as the winner, Olivia (Year 2).

Year 5/6 Football League (18.10.17)

The competition started off with a bang as the boys were able to win their group stage against St Marys 1 and Junction Farm 3. They drew their first game but won the second 6-0.

The boys then moved into the qualifying stage where we played the winners from the other 2 groups, this included Durham Lane 1 and Junction Farm 1. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to score against these superb teams and left the qualifiers in 3rd place. The children showed excellent resilience, especially Casey who got a knock to the head.

On a positive note, there were some fantastic goals scored from Oliver, Archie (and his amazing left foot!), Laurence and Kaden. A huge well-done to all the boys who took part and I look forward to our next competition!

Year 5 boys- Laurence, Casey, Archie and Oliver

Year 6 boys- Oliver, Kaden, Louis, and Billy

Year 3/4 Football League (05.10.17)

We started the Year 3/4 football league with a bang! We successfully won three of our five matches and drew two. There were some brilliant goals scored by Harry, Luke, Ethan, Jake and Kai.

When we arrived at the tournament, some of the children were a little apprehensive about taking part as they had never been to a sporting competition before. However, I was extremely impressed with the way they all worked together and jelled as a team. The Year 4 classmates (having taken part last year) really demonstrated to the younger boys what the expectations were and supported them in their first couple of games. The Year 3 boys did not let their size matter and showed they were just as skilled as the older boys in the tournament.

Our results were:

W- Junction Farm 2 0 Preston 3

D- Durham Lane 0 Preston 0

W- Egglescliffe 0 Preston 2

D- Junction Farm 1 0 Preston 0

W- St. Marys 0 Preston 3

I am really looking forward to our next match on the 8th November. A massive well done to the Year 3 boys: Jake, Lucas and Ashton and also the Year 4 boys: Harry, Kai, Ethan, George, Jake and Luke. Finally, an even bigger well done to Ethan, who received player of the tournament. He showed fantastic skills and commitment to the game.

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby (04.10.17)

A mixture of Year 5 and 6 girls and boys arrived at Allens West Playing Feilds to take part in a Tag Rugby festival. We were grouped with Durham Lane, Egglescliffe and Junction Farm.

Our results were:

W- Junction Farm 2 Preston 3

D- Durham Lane 4 Preston 4

W- Egglescliffe 0 Preston 4

L- Junction Farm 2 – Preston 0

L- Durham Lane 8 Preston 2

There was some brilliant tries scored by Laurence, Ameila, Oliver. Well-done to all of the children who took part! These were: Oliver, Will, Billy, Laurence, Josh, Amelia, Sophie, Millie and Matilda.

Primary Leaders Training Academy (27.09.17)

6 Year 5 children were taken to a training day where they were learning about how to be primary leaders at Preston. The children learnt a mixture of different things, including, what makes a good leader, ways to get children active in school, how to arrange level 1 (within school) competitions and strategies for team building. The children had a really good day and came back to school with a number of things to do.

After their first meeting as primary leaders, it was agreed that the children would be separated into two groups: A Sports Crew (consisting of Casey, Laurence and Josh) and Playground Leaders (consisting of Matilda, Alice and Staar).

Playground Leader- Children will take it in turns to come up with games and activities for groups of children in the playground.

Sports Crew- Children will arrange level one games within school time for the different year groups.

The Playground leaders have already started their role and have begun creating games for the younger children on a Thursday lunchtime.

The Sports Crew have come up with their first competition; a skipping competition for Years 1 and 2. This will take place on Thursday 19th October.

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