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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Hello and welcome to the SEND area of our school website. My name is Mrs Robb and I am one of the qualified SENDCos at Preston. If you have any queries about our SEND provision, please feel free to contact me or Mr Fawdon, and we will happily help.

Effective from the 1st of September 2015 the government issued new guidance for working with children with Special Educational needs and disabilities. In line with this school, in conjunction with governors, have written a SEND information report, our local offer, and also a SEND policy. Our SENDCo’s are Mrs Sarah Robb and Mr Stephen Fawdon, both are available on the school number of 01642 784735 and appointments can be made to see either of them if you would like a face to face chat.

Hearing and Visual Impairment Enhanced Mainstream Provision
Preston Primary School is built upon a foundation of holistic excellence for all. We believe this can only be achieved where all members of staff take responsibility for progress of all pupils, including those with SEND, not just academically but socially and emotionally. We have three members of staff who have the relevant SENDCo qualification or experience, one of whom is the head teacher.

At Preston we are fully committed to inclusive education and we have challenged our thinking and the way we approach integration and inclusion in a mainstream environment. Having a hearing or a visual impairment does not need to be a barrier to learning. With the correct support, resources and intervention we believe that all children can cope well and can meet their potential in a mainstream environment.  Our success in gaining the Enhanced Mainstream Provision has deepened our breadth of understanding technology, practical support and type of intervention we can offer to ensure that the children’s needs are not a barrier to accessing high quality teaching and learning in a mainstream environment.  We are excited to continue learning and developing our skills and expertise as a team as we welcome the children into our provision.

Our enhanced provision is an integral part of our mainstream school and an amazing addition to our Preston family, with bespoke learning opportunities to address the given needs of individual children.

Click here for our SEND information report

Click here for Stockton’s Local Offer

SEN Policy

Medical Conditions Policy

Link to Accessibility Plan

Impact Statement

The impact of our efforts and practice with children who have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities is that almost all remain in mainstream provision, with an appropriate level of support, until the end of Year 6. No child is ever turned away and we strive to adapt our practice and setting to accommodate even the most complex of needs. We work closely with additional agencies to ensure that our provision meets the needs of the pupils and our teaching is tailored appropriately. If any parent is unsure about whether their child will be able to access a mainstream school they are asked to contact the Headteacher to view the school and discuss their concerns.

Admissions of all pupils are treated equally and no SEND children are disadvantaged by the process. Preston Primary School follows Stockton Local Authority admissions policy. Please see the admissions policy for further details.

Lego Therapy

Our EMS staff are all trained in Lego therapy. This is a social and emotional intervention used to boost confidence, teamwork skills and relationships between children. Children take on the roles of 'Engineer', 'Supplier' and 'Builder' and work together to build a Lego masterpiece!

Fine motor skills

We run fine motor skills groups in school for children who may need a little extra help to build muscle strength in their hands and improve coordination. The children enjoy trying out new games and skills such as threading, cutting, 3D jigsaws and flipping frogs!

Gross motor skills

Some children need extra support with their gross motor skills such as balancing, throwing, catching and negotiating spaces. These groups are always great fun while focusing on key skills. Children are challenged with activities such as obstacle courses, hoola-hooping and ball games.

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