Teaching Mathematics

How We Teach Mathematics


Maths is taught daily throughout school with significant emphasis on children using practical resources to support, challenge and extend their learning.  Wherever possible, activities are linked to real life experiences.


Early Years


In Early Years, children are given opportunities to explore and develop mathematical concepts both in the classroom and outdoors.  Numicon (a multi-sensory approach to teaching Mathematics) is used by teachers to develop children’s understanding of numbers.



In Key Stage 1


In Key Stage 1, practical resources (including Numicon) continue to be used to support learning.  Children are introduced to different ways of recording their work, initially through informal jottings then via more structured calculations.


Children regularly count forwards and backwards on a number line or number square initially in steps of 1 then gradually progressing to steps of 2, 5, 10 and 3.  Mental agility is further tested as the children learn their number bonds up to 10 (e.g. 2 + ? = 10, 4 + ? =10 etc.).  The children are stretched as they learn number bonds to 20 and some basic multiplication facts in preparation for harder calculations in Key Stage 2.


In Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, there is a continued emphasis on the development of mental calculation skills, often through the children solving real-life problems.  This supports the development of skills needed to solve problems quickly and accurately.  The principles of multiplication and division are practised regularly and each half term a timed multiplication test is set for all children.

The children are introduced to more formal ways of recording calculations e.g. column addition and subtraction; they learn how to solve more complex, multi stepped problems, to estimate and reason.  Practical resources continue to be used throughout Key Stage 2 to teach Mathematical concepts.

Schofield and Simms

Throughout Key Stage 1 and 2, Schofield and Simms mental arithmetic booklets are used to support and extend mental agility.


Calculation Policy

For further information on how we teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division throughout School, please refer to our Calculation Methodology Policy.






Your kind words

Your teaching staff work so well together, they are an absolute credit to you and your school (as are the children).
I have to say the children, and staff, are an absolute credit to the school and I wanted to let you know as they were fantastic.
They were all very well behaved and very sensible. Well done on having such a lovely school.
“A lovely school with a good atmosphere for learning and having fun”
We are so proud of the progress our son has made in Year 1.
I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff who have helped my daughter this year.
Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his time as a Year 4 student.
It’s nice to have an informative school report that concentrates on the positives of my child’s learning.
Keep up the good work, without confidence it’s hard for a child to grow.
You were both very understanding and I really do appreciate this. Thank you so much.
You all do fantastic jobs and I appreciate this.
Not only has he progressed academically, he has also gained more confidence and I would like to thank Mr Clift for playing an instrumental part in this.
Many thanks to all the staff at Preston, it is you who make us parents feel our children are happy and safe.
She has really enjoyed Year 3. We are really pleased with the progress she has made in many subjects – especially in maths.
I just wanted to say “well done” for this year’s year 6 sats results! They were amazing and I know that it would have taken sheer hard work from the children and teachers to enable your pupils to achieve with the unrealistic expectations set the Gove & Morgan camp.
Thank you for the report it was a pleasure to read and we greatly appreciate all that you done for her this year.
“Communication from the Early Years team is great”
“I would like to express my gratitude for your support regarding last week’s royal visit. Your children behaved impeccably” – Stockton Learning Officer
“My child enjoys school and is excited to tell us about her day. A huge thank you to all of the staff for their hard work”
“Many thanks for the schools hard work, it is very much appreciated”
“Your school has a lovely atmosphere and a real ‘family’ feel”
“Thank you for your continued help and support”
“Keep up the hard work”
“I hope the ‘Be the best week’ goes well, you have a lovely school” – Chris Cook – Olympic Swimmer
“The arrival of a new head teacher has been managed brilliantly”
“I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to you and everyone at Preston Primary personally. It was an absolute pleasure to visit to your school”
“Really happy with Preston Primary, have recommended many friends as it is a warm, family friendly school”
“My child enjoys school and makes good progress”
“You are a very welcoming and accommodating school and there were lots of comments and praise about your fantastic environment” – EY LA consultant
“We love this school, my boys are very happy here and all of the staff work hard and really care for the children”
“I have visited four times in total and every time I have been made very welcome by all the staff and pupils”
“Thank you for all of the hard work”
“The children were all very attentive, enthusiastic and polite. I enjoy my job and visiting schools like yours makes it even better”

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